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Civil and Criminal Infractions

The District Court hears a wide range of criminal, civil, housing, juvenile, mental health, and other types of cases. 

The District Court's civil jurisdiction includes many specialized proceedings, including: 

  • Inquests 

  • Summary process (evictions) 

  • Supplementary process (enforcement of money judgments) 

  • Abuse prevention restraining orders 

  • Mental health matters (including involuntary civil commitments and medication orders, and supervision of criminal defendants committed for mental observation or because they’re incompetent to stand trial or after an insanity acquittal) 

  • Appeals from certain administrative agencies (involving, for example, firearms licenses or unemployment compensation) 

  • Civil motor vehicle infractions (tried initially to a magistrate, with right of appeal to a judge) 

  • Equitable injunctions (exercising specialized equity jurisdiction in all counties, plus general equity jurisdiction in small claims, summary process, and civil money damage actions) 

  • Other miscellaneous civil matters

Attorney Anop also has experience representing clients in specific matters like:

  • Driving with a Suspended License

  • Unregistered and Uninsured Vehicles

  • Abuse Prevention Orders 209A

  • Assault & Battery (A&B) on a Family Member

  • Firearms Violations

  • Harassment Prevention Orders 258E

  • and More

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