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Serving the People of  Hampden, Hampshire, Berkshire, Franklin, and Worcester Counties

Client 5

Katrina handled my incredibly difficult & challenging family law case with such incredible professionalism, tact, humility & grace. Having never been through such stressful circumstances, it was particularly comforting to have someone with such incredible knowledge in the field & compassion advising me every step along the way. At all times through this harrowing process I felt nothing but supported in terms of such guidance & advocacy while with complete respect in a dignified manner. At all times Katrina put my children’s best interest & that of myself above anything else...I am truly grateful for her incredible knowledge & expertise & know that I could not have made it through this process without her in my corner at every step of the way.

Client 3

Attorney Anop came to my house to help my mother with her legal needs since she is disabled and it is difficult for her to leave the house.  She is a great lawyer who is very good at her job.  She is always available for questions and I highly recommend her to anyone in need of legal assistance.

Client 2

My amicable separation turned into a custody battle when I motioned for a modification of our agreement. Attorney Katrina Anop walked into my case with a G.A.L. report already filed. She had experience working as a G.A.L. earlier in her career. I was in serious danger of jeopardizing my legal joint custody. She swiftly took over my case and assured me that my honesty would prevail and it did. As Attorney Anop predicted our case would settle out of court with little change to our original agreement. She was always available for me, just a phone call or email away. Since that was my first and last divorce,  I will rely on her for all my other legal needs in the future.

Andrea Levine Kennedy 

Gallagher Realtor

W.B.O.A. Secretary

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